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Established in 1923 by brothers Robert and Wilhelm Kuhlmann and still family owned today Kuhlmann are by no means the biggest German kitchen compnay but the have grown sreadily and profitably and have recently moved into a new factory to double production capacity. HAving visited the factories on many occations we know first hand thier processes and procedures (well they are German !) and fully understand thier ability to produce truely bespoke furnature.

If you have been looking at Alno, Siematic, Poggenpohl, Eggersman, Schüller or Nobila then these kitchens offer simply superb value for money compaired to the quality, durability and inavative solutions available. You will be amazed at what insperational design possabilities we can produce at a price you are willing and happy to pay.

We can talk you through these possabilities at our showroom.

Download the brothure here.