Caravan - Work in progress

Work started and in no particular order...


  • Removed all locker doors (24 !!!) and dumped except washroom door.
  • Romoved curtains and flooring - dumped
  • Removed lights.
  • Removed worktop, disconected hob and tap.
  • Removed T-trim from all panel edges.


Thank to the majic of YouTube we searched for videos on how to make box cushions. A quote to recover them professionally was over £1500 for 14 seat cushions. We purchased the material at a cost of £300 which included a contrast colour for the scatter cushions that would match our chosen curtain material.

We borrowed a sewing machine and over the course of 3 weekend and many mistakes we had proudly recoved all the cushions in a dark ribbed browm velor.

Scatter cushions were a lot easier to make in turquoise and in hind sight we should have just bought pre-made new ones. The foam in all the cushionwas in good order so we re-used.

Decided to have black-out curtains but the material cost was looking pretty high for such a budget project so we purchased black-out lining and dress material from eBay for under £60. Another weekend and the curtains were finished.


These were the main reason for our project caravan. Every door was a different width and height so we used our replacement doors and chose Noco Marinio gloss wood grain. With a bit of thought and re-calculation many of the doors we made in different sizes to the original so that there was a minimum of the pained panel behind visable.

It was decided to hang the doors using cranked flush hinges that would surface mount on the edge of each door. Nice soft close recessed hinges were not an option as the frames were no thick enough to mount this type of hing.

Instead of the original pull roller system for keeping the doors closed we drilled holes in the doors to accomodate snazzy new push lock system as used in modern caravans.

It was very time consuming measering each door so that the hole was drilled in the right place so that the retaining mechanism was in the correct position to latch behind the retaier - every door was different.


We chose to alter materials from the front of the caravan to the back. The front being the sitting/sleeping area would have a more luxurious feel with leatherette and soft touch materials heading towards the kitchen these would change to a more kitchen inspired feel with wall paper.

All door locker facias were painted in a light brown colour and where panels were larger and more visible – these were wall papered. Seat bases were covered in leatherette.


Here we simply cut to size some aluminium effect vinyl and stuck it to the front of the fridge to mask the old wood effect. Looked great.


Here we struggled a little for inspiration. We didn’t want to use 25mm kitchen worktop because of the weight – just too heavy.

After some time inspiration hit and we used shower wall panels. This is MDF with a vinyl face. Cut to size with a jigsaw, holes cut for hob and sink – fitted and finished cut edges with sticky back chrome trim.


Replaced all brown plug sockets with nice new chrome ones and added pop-up power dock on second worktop for TV. Also has USB charging for phones etc – Cleaver!!


Ran extra wires around the van using the 12v supply. Fitted 2 new LED undermount reading lights to the front of the caravan over the side seats and another in the kitchen over worktop.

Stuck LED strips under the pull out bed support brackets in the “U” shaped seating area at front with the remote control antennae pocking out under the seat.

Did the same for the dinette area with the antennae located close to the front one so that one remote control works front and back.

Added on/off rocker switches under the front locker for all lights.

Ran some more 12v wire to the front storage area, blanked the country style lader thing with frosted Perspex so that when the front lights are on you get a nice concealed lighting effect.


Again a bit of research reveled that the caravan had a pressurized system not the more modern micro-switch type system. This was great news because we could fit a normal kitchen tap.

A quick ebay search and we got some tap tail pipes that would convert from a normal tap to the caravans plastic water pipes.


See the finished project here >>



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