Welcome to our PROJECT CARAVAN.

Purchased in March 2014 to demonstrate our versatility in a wider range of project from just our normal kitchens and bathrooms.

This Abby Oxford was purchased through ebay for the grand total of £780. A big thankyou to Dean and family the previous keepers who kindley delivered "Garyvan" to our secure storage facility.

The caravan is an Abby Oxford 4 berth manufactured in 1990 - 1991. Running gear is in superb condition and internally it has no damp and it would appear never has had any damp.

Although the interior is in very good condition for the age it is looking a bit tired and dated. The locker doors are the typical beech effect wood with closing catched. Worktop is a nasty laminate and the tap is a tiny wobbly thing that will soon be leaving.

Floor is sheet vinyl and conected with carpet strips. Curtains have been replaced at some point and are very thing cotten with the curtain runner popper strip stapled to the material.

Seat fabric is pretty good for 25 years old but the pattern is very old fashioned and the mmaterial has started to fade.

Interior lights and flouresant strip tubes. All electrics seem to work as does the water system.

As  it stands this is a perfectly usable caravan and is good to go.

BUT... time for a transformation.

View the pictures below or click here to see work in progress >>





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