Handmade Kitchens


These kitchens have been with passion and acute attention to detail using the finest materials available, all sourced from sustainable forests. Subtle innovative touches can be seen in the wide vairety of classic and contemporary kitchens we offer.

We strive for excellence in everything we do, from construction through to the multitude of different finishes avaialble. Solid oak, maple, walnut and painted oak or elm.

Bespoke In-Frame

Within the Bespoke In-frame range every kitchen will be unique, tailored to your exact inidividual requirements. The many styles in the range are available in a choice of solid woods and different finishes. These are complemented by a variety of accessories which will help you style your clients style the kitchen to their own personal taste.

The key feature of the bespoke in-frame range is the beautifully constructed door attached to a frame by butt hinges. To secure the door once it is shut we use a brass ball and chatch system.


These beaded models are a quintessential cornerstone of British design, available with a contemporary 'Bevelled' design or a more traditional 'Craft' desgin. With kitchens getting larger and represeting more of the total living space of your home, the extra detail of beading adds some welcome individuality to the popular Regent and Mowbray shaker designs.


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