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Micro-lacquer matt in premium white with aluminium cut handles in stainless steel look and black granite look work surface

Just doing things differently from everyone else doesn't have to mean going completely mad. In this case, for instance, an open plan kitchen design which is unusual but doesn't flaunt itself. On the left, VADA in matt in magic grey with prisma handles and walnut look work surface makes for clarity: glazed, backlit wall-mounted cabinets set the tone without causing a distraction. The slightly angled eating area on the right makes a nice transition in the direction of the living room. And the combination of high-level cupboards gives it its homely look.



You want something out of the ordinary? Then VADA is for you. VADA front panels are micro-lacquered, and are available in any RAL/NCS colours imaginable. You'll find the standard colours below. The edges here are lacquered seamlessly with the surfaces all round.




Glass fronts are a visual highlight in the kitchen. You can choose between clear or satin finish glass, rippled country glass or translucent black glass. This last option is particularly striking with internal lighting: switching it on makes the glass transparent and shows what is inside the cupboard.

It can be used in both high and low level cabinets and in wall-mounted ones too.


Recessed cabinet walls


inspiration is everything! here, we‘ve left out the kickboards. This looks particularly refined, as it means cupboards can be built directly into the walls.


Lift and swing system


The advantage of lift and swing doors is, they give you direct access to the contents of the cup- board, they are outstandingly user-friendly to use and above all give more room to move in the kitchen. our lifting doors are designed using the interna- tional award-winning AVENTos hF fixtures system.

This is also available in half-sections, so can be up to 762 mm high and even up to 1200 mm wide. With widths of 800 mm and over, our unique supporting strut system ensures your cupboards will still be solid and fully operational even after years.

The swing doors come with or without handles. our swing door system can also be power-opened to make it even more user-friendly. With this design option, you can open and close the swing doors simply by pressing lightly on the front.




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