Wood Vaneer


Traditional and modern at the same time

Would you have thought the whole of this kitchen is in wood? Just look! Forget the idea that wood can only ever look rustic: traditional and modern can be combined beautifully, as it turns out. To lighten the mood, quite simply, we have a free-standing table with integral hob, which in turn is combined with an anthracite colour RAJA wood front. The T-handles shown here round the picture off harmoniously.

ALEA - Veneered wood fronts

ALEA brings you real wood veneer with that extra class. Both oak and walnut are also silk gloss lacquered and have four-sided veneered edges with an outer radius of 2 mm, based on E1 grade chipboard. The backs are designed precisely the same as the fronts, with 2 mm radius edges. Total front thickness 19 mm.

Alea colours


RAJA - Veneered wood fronts

Keep what's real, back to what’s authentic, see and feel the material: you get all this with RAJA, our real wood veneer fronts with rough-sawn finish. Enjoy the three attractive colour options and milled grooving which makes it look even more authentic. The milled grooving is centred, spaced 150 and 200 mm. Plus four-sided veneered edges, outer radius 1.5 mm. Based on E1 grade MDF board, backs are veneered exactly the same as the fronts. Total front thickness 19 mm


FERO - Veneered wood fronts

Give your kitchen a particularly natural flair with FERO, our real wood veneer branch oak front. FERO comes in 5 mm thick-cut veneer applied on both sides. Even the edges are veneered. The base used here is 10 mm thick blockboard, giving a total front thickness of 21 mm. The back is also veneered.



KENO - Veneered wood fronts

KENO gives you a very special kind of real wood veneer, because the fronts are first brushed heavily and then matt lacquered, in three particularly attractive shades. Plus four-sided veneered fronts, outer radius 1 mm, based on an E1 grade chipboard frame. The back is the same design as the front, with a 1 mm edge radius. The fronts are 19 mm thick.


Raja 2

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