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Modern and out of the ordinary

Is it a kitchen, or is it a living room? How about both? Here you see RINO in ocean blue – a truly dynamic interpretation of a good old living kitchen. This open plan kitchen leaves you so much room to live: just look at the kitchen cupboards which have been turned into bookshelves! Plus a sofa. When was the last time you saw that? The only question is, do you want to stay sitting on it, because the kitchen's integrated Harman Kardon sound system is guaranteed to be turned up loud. PS: If you want it to be even more out of the ordinary, just imagine RINO in lilac. Or pink. Or bright green. Or whatever colour you fancy.


Sliding doors

There are no limits on your expectations. Sliding doors give your kitchen an individual touch and give you the maximum design freedom. Not only that, they also save space! Our sliding doors are available for all base, wall- and floor-mounted cabinets.

Coloured fronts, high-gloss lacquered

You choose the colour, we provide the skills. No matter how individual your wishes are, we can design them in colour. Our range of colours means you and your kitchen consultant can be creative, individual. How do we achieve this range? This diversity is based on our ability to deliver 22 matt lacquer colours and 11 highgloss colours as well as more than 4.000 colours in RAL and NCS.


All good things do not necessarily come in threes – but in fives! With RINO, at least: because this high-gloss front is actually lacquered and polished five times in all. And, when it comes to the colours, five even becomes infinity, because you can choose the colour you want.


There's bright, there's brighter and there's RICA: with this high-gloss lacquered front in premium white or ivory, the surface is lacquered seamlessly all round. The outer radius is 3 mm. The lacquer is based on E1 grade MDF board; the back is designed just the same as the front and is melamine-coated. Total front thickness 19 mm.


VIDA means 'life', and these fronts will make your kitchen burst into life. There are five different high-gloss lacquer shades to choose from: whether it's premium white or muted volcano, with VIDA fronts, you are choosing a kitchen which is both expressive and restrained. The surface is high-gloss lacquered E1 grade MDF board, with four-sided thick edges. The back comes in the same colour as the front, and is melamine-coated.

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