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Robust and beautiful at the same time

If there was ever a kitchen which deserves to be called 'family-proof', it's this: a combination of ZENA and VADA. The solid oak fronts are both robust and beautiful at the same time, especially when combined with a bright sandstone work surface and the oxide micro-lacquer fronts. The veneer here is made individually, and SMARTLINE not only connects with the living room, but also provides plenty of storage space.


What's today's oak called? META! META is an oak front, available in stylish premium white, attractive grey or subtle anthracite. All three options are available in matt. The frame is solid wood, 80 mm wide and 21 mm thick, and the panels are veneered. The back design is the same as the front.



Natural branch oak is a highly versatile wood, as you can see from ZENA. Here, a solid wood frame 90 mm wide makes it robust; the panels are veneered in real wood and the brushed surface brings a special flair to your kitchen. The fronts are 21 mm thick in all; the backs are designed the same as the front.


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