Maia Solid Surface


Maia Solid Surface is ideal as a kitchen worktop with it's high thermal resistance and choice of thickeses of 28mm, 42mm or 54mm. Available in a range of stunning colours Maia worktops will enhance any kitchen.

Unlike marble and granite Maia will resist most household chemicals providing peace of mind and a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

Easy to install, Maia Solid surface can be fitted by any skilled kitchen fitter or carpenter just like laminate worktops. The acrylic surface is bonded to a wodden core for strength and durability which also make it a highly cost effective option when compared with other materials.

Supplied in lengths of 3600mm or 1800mm Maia also supply a number of accessories such as matching upstands, splashbacks and chuncky end support panels enabling you to "wrap" your kitchen in the amazing material.

Fit exactly the same way as laminate worktops using the jointing kit for joins and the adhesive kit for upstands. Each kit containes all you need to make seamless joints and butts giving your kitchen a far superior look to laminate but with les cost than marble, quartz or granite.

Maia breakfast bar or island solutions are available in either square or rounded edge options for a softer look.

Consider Maia's sister product Minerva

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Maia solid surface worktops
Manufactured by: Maia
Model: kitchen solid surface worktop


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In addition to the standard range, maia also offers worktops with a curve at each end. These curved surfaces have radiused ends to match the growing trend for curved kitchen doors to create a softer look. The standard 240mm radius complements the majority of new style kitchen doors.

All worktops are wrapped in heavy duty shrink-wrap then boxed. Each is supplied with an additional 1200mm length of additional edging and a 3m length of heat reflective tape that is used for hob cut outs.

maia’s surfaces will withstand heat better than many alternative surface materials. However, all hot pots, pans and other heat generating devices should always be placed upon a trivet or worktop protector rods, to prevent extreme heat having prolonged and direct contact with the surface. Boiling water and cooking splashes do not harm the surface.

maia, unlike marble and granite, will resist most household chemicals including alcohol and cosmetics however, some chemicals and strong dyes can cause damage and discolouration. If spillage occurs wipe off immediately and rinse area thoroughly.

Breakfast bars are supplied in two sizes in the maia solid surface range and are again designed to be simple to plan and install. They are pre-edged on both long edges and the surface is hand finished in our factory. There is no need to re-sand the top once it is installed (except in the area around a joint or if you apply edging).

Send us your kitchen plans for advise and purchasw qantities

Maia Beige Sparkle Beige Sparkle

Beige Sparkle combines beige tones with casual shades of cream, silver and soft grey to create a neutral décor that will work with the majority of kitchen colours and designs.

Maia Brazilian Greige Brazilian Greige

Brazilian Greige provides a versatile yet rustic décor supplemented with hues of soft grey, brown and natural metals. This décor cleverly combines contemporary style with natural beauty to produce a timeless décor.

Maia Calcite Maia Calcite

Delivering a fresher look than Vanilla, Calcite contains light grey particles suspended in a creamy white background. Works well with light and medium oaks as well as black. A youthful take on a traditional classic

Maia Fossil Fossil

Particles of silver and pearl combine in Fossil to bring a stunning new colour that will work with the majority of kitchen colours and designs.

Maia Greystone Greystone

Using the natural tones of stone and rock, Greystone makes a strong statement especially with a monotone design theme. Or for a simple yet effective modern twist on traditional, match with light or medium oaks.

Maia Snow Haze Snow Haze

Snow Haze is a very special décor thanks to its exceptional veined effect with hues of white, off white and subtle gold. Bringing the illusion of space when combined with lighting, reflection and transparency, this elegant décor works well with white, cream and oak

Maia Cappuccino Cappuccino

Cappuccino is a stylish choice to complement woods and plain doors. Add dark doors, cream and brown for a relaxed feel, or vibrant zebrano doors to make an impact.

Maia Cristallo Cristallo

Cristallo is a crisp, solid white with contrasting grey granules. Perfect with silver doors for a modern, industrial feel, or with walnut for classic style.

Maia Galaxy Galaxy

Galaxy’s metallic flecks bring sparkle to your worktop – metallic particles catch the light and complement the deep black background.

Maia Iceburg Iceberg

Iceberg’s beauty lies in its purity. White has become a strong trend for worksurfaces – team with matching doors for a simple, calm style, or with splashes of colour to make a statement.

Maia Latte Latte

Latte is another ‘natural neutral’ in the maia range. Lighter than Mocha but with deeper tones than maia’s original coffee décor, Cappuccino, Latte has quickly become a popular choice.

Maia Lava Lava

Lava is grey with small speckles of brown to create a natural stone effect. Stunning in a blue kitchen with glass, wood and white accessories, or stylishly industrial with glossy black or metallic doors

Maia Mocha Mocha

Mocha brings a deep brown to the maia range. As neutral door colours such as latte and cream grow in popularity, so Mocha really comes into its own.

Maia Vanilla Vanilla

Vanilla is an elegant colour which complements many kitchen designs. Its coloured flecks make it the perfect match for a range of door colours. Contrast with black for added drama.

Maia Volcano Vulcano

Vulcano is the most popular colour in the maia range. Its sophisticated black background is interspersed with contrasting white flecks and subtle hints of yellow.