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  • Uniting design &
    Creating lasting impressions through interior design.
  • Creating lasting impressions through interior design.

Stratford Kitchen Design Classic Kitchens

Uniting quality

to a price you are willing to pay
With so many

kitchen manufacturers

in the UK it can be hard to see the wood from the trees ! So we have done the hard work for you and after many years we have found what we consider to be the best value for money


and door combinations. The choice of cabinet combinations is unique to our manufacturer with a simply vast array to choose from and they will also make


any cabinet size. Doors and accessories range from MFC to

oak or ash

painted to either a standard pallet or we offer a

paint to order alternative


The majority of our

classic kitchens

feature the 5 peice

shaker door.

An eligant and timeless


equally at home in a

country cottage

or a modern town house. These

classic doors

can be either

solid wood (normally Ash or Oak) - painted or sanded

- or an MFC faced board coloured to your choice. The choice is simply down to budget. These


are then coupled to our factories


, and dispite the doors simple classic nature there are no compromises on

cabinet construction

or storage options.

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Classic Kitchens
You Never Regret Buying Quality
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